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Future Financial Services

Future Financial Services Penrith Provides; Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation, Superannuation & Insurance Planning Advice. 

Future Financial Services is a boutique financial planning firm dedicated to providing personalised, easy to understand advice as our clients go through various life stages.

Our knowledge and experience in relation to legislation and strategies surrounding superannuation, insurance, investments, taxation and Centrelink will enable us to provide you with quality advice to assist you to achieve your financial goals.

Alex McKenzie, the Principal Financial Planner, has been operating as an advisor since 2002 and has serviced clients in varying situations for over 15 years.

Future Financial Services Blogs

  • Self Managed Super Funds - Is a Self-Managed Super fund appropriate for you?

    In recent times, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) have become very popular and, for many investors, they represent an excellent vehicle to manage their retirement assets.


    It is my belief that for many Australian’s who have an SMSF, it is not the most appropriate structure. Truth be known, often the person recommending the fund benefits greatly.  As a financial planner, a SMSF client is gold as they are generally high revenue clients.  The same applies for accountants and those involved with property investment, we are all incentivised to recommend an SMSF. Is this best for the client? Often the answer is yes, it is a great option, however, in a lot of other situations, I’m less confident that an SMSF is appropriate. 

  • Help from a Financial Advisor - How can a Financial Advisor help me?

    The Royal Commission has certainly caught some media attention with the banks and AMP being rightfully called out on some appalling behaviour.  Something I noticed myself on social media was a lot of comments encouraging people to “do it themselves” and not seek financial advice. I’ve also read a number of comments from people providing advice that is either wrong, overly simplistic or only correct for a small number of people. This is dangerous and may be an unintended consequence of the Royal Commission.

    All this reminded me that most people have little understanding of what financial planners do and how we can help you. Selecting a superannuation fund is not where an advisor adds value. Although they can assist in making sure that your fund is appropriate, this is only a small part of the advice they provide