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Future Financial Services

Future Financial Services Penrith Provides; Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation, Superannuation & Insurance Planning Advice. 

Future Financial Services is a boutique financial planning firm dedicated to providing personalised, easy to understand advice as our clients go through various life stages.

Our knowledge and experience in relation to legislation and strategies surrounding superannuation, insurance, investments, taxation and Centrelink will enable us to provide you with quality advice to assist you to achieve your financial goals.

Alex McKenzie, the Principal Financial Planner, has been operating as an advisor since 2002 and has serviced clients in varying situations for over 15 years.

Future Financial Services Blogs

  • New Centrelink Pension - The Centrelink assets test is changing

    Over the past year, it has been highly publicised that the Centrelink Assets Test is changing. This came into effect on 1 January 2017, and is now in place.


    This change has affected a number of pensioners who may now be receiving either an increased or a decreased pension, depending on their circumstances.

  • Turning the Aussie Dream into reality - Buying your first home

    Purchasing your first home can seem so far away, but a financial planner can help you achieve your goal by establishing processes to keep you disciplined and consistent and work towards your goal.  In a lot of cases the role of a financial planner is similar to a personal trainer, although the technical expertise is helpful, the main benefit is often simply keeping you honest with yourself and having someone to remind you to do what you know has to be done!