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Future Financial Services Blog

by Alex McKenzie

Financial planning advice to guide you through your life stages. Financial advice for when you are looking to buy your first home, start a family or looking to retire. This blog aims to show the relevance of Superannuation, insurance and investment for everyday families.


Emotions In Investing

The problem of emotions in investing

All too often, human nature causes us to be overly influenced by our emotions rather than logic. This is particularly relevant when it comes to our investment decisions.

For a long time now, we have been aware of the fear/greed cycle that amplifies investment market peaks and troughs. Yet, time and time again, we repeat this behaviour. We chase the returns and create a bubble.  As I write this, we are seeing this with Bitcoin, people are buying for the sole reason that they think it is going up.  This is nothing new, we had the Tech bubble where anything and everything in the technology space was being bought, prices went through the roof. Most people buying shares did not even know what the companies they were buying into actually did. Some companies had yet to make any revenue at all and had a market value in the tens of millions. Is this logical?  Nope, it’s greed dictating our investing habits.

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Income In Retirement

Receiving regular and reliable income in retirement is the most important goal for our clients as they exit the workforce.  Financial planners also aim to make this income stream as tax and Centrelink efficient as possible, this is often through the superannuation system.

Within in the superannuation system, once we move to pension phase there are two main income streams, allocated pensions and annuities. Each has different strengths and weaknesses and performs a different role in providing income in retirement.

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