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Future Financial Services Blog

by Alex McKenzie

Financial planning advice to guide you through your life stages. Financial advice for when you are looking to buy your first home, start a family or looking to retire. This blog aims to show the relevance of Superannuation, insurance and investment for everyday families.


Be wary of Over Commitment

Are you Over Committing?

Telling people not to overcommit financially seems to go without saying, yet it is still a very common mistake. Most people base their financial decisions on their current situation, and often make commitments that are suitable now -  but things change.


Changes to personal and financial situations greatly effect long term financial commitments, these potential changes are often not considered or seriously underestimated.

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Australian Life Expectancy

Australians are living longer

A recent report indicated that Australians born today can expect to live beyond 90 years of age. The fact that we are living longer is definitely good news as far as I’m concerned. However, it does present a problem when it comes to having enough money to fund our retirement.


The concept of retirement is relatively new. In the early 1900’s when Australia introduced an Age Pension for men over 65, the average life expectancy was 58 - most never even reached retirement.

Written by: Alex McKenzie Categories: Future Financial Services Blog

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