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Is it too good to be true?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

I received an enquiry from a concerned client this morning who had someone visit her home (under the guise of providing market research) making some big financial promises that sounded great, a little too great.  I was familiar with company in question and very aware of what they offered for their clients; a one-size-fits-all strategy that is a sales technique masquerading as financial advice.

These companies are becoming more prevalent, and are having success.  I have an issue with the outbound call centres being deceptive in order to get in front of potential clients. But my bigger issue is that we have property and lending sales guys flogging their product under the guise of advice, using unrealistically optimistic assumptions and not disclosing that they actually work for a lender or property developer.

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New Year's Resolution

Turning a New Year’s resolution into a Plan

With the New Year fast approaching, millions of people around the world will be thinking about their resolutions and hope to stick with them throughout the year.

A recent survey indicated that 15 percent of New Year’s resolutions are financial goals. Not surprisingly, most resolutions fail. Two key reasons for this are, we often set ourselves overly optimistic goals that are in reality difficult to achieve and, often our goals are vague with no plan on how to achieve them.

Written by: Alex McKenzie Categories: Future Financial Services Blog

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