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Future Financial Services Blog

by Alex McKenzie

Financial planning advice to guide you through your life stages. Financial advice for when you are looking to buy your first home, start a family or looking to retire. This blog aims to show the relevance of Superannuation, insurance and investment for everyday families.


Superannuation is real money!

Superannuation your income replacement...

Superannuation is very misunderstood and often neglected part of our wealth, people don’t pay much attention to their Superannuation until they approach retirement and don’t view it as part of their overall assets.

A recent study indicated that 2/3’s of Australian’s could not accurately state how much money they had in super, about half did not know the name of all the funds in which they had super invested and more than half also had money invested in more than 1 fund without a strategic reason and only about 10% could give an accurate description of what underlying assets in which they were invested.

Written by: Alex McKenzie Categories: Future Financial Services Blog


Is a self managed super fund appropriate for you?

Things to consider...

In recent times Self-managed super funds have become very popular, and for many investors represent an excellent vehicle to manage their retirement assets.


It is my belief that for many Australian’s, who have an SMSF, it is not the appropriate structure. Truth be known, often the person recommending the fund benefits greatly; as a financial planner, a SMSF client is gold, they are generally high revenue clients,  the same applies for accountants and those involved with property investment. We are all incentivised to recommend a SMSF. Is this best for the client, often the answer is yes, it is a great option, however in a lot of other situations, I’m less confident that an SMSF is appropriate.

Written by: Alex McKenzie Categories: Future Financial Services Blog

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