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Future Financial Services Blog

by Alex McKenzie

Financial planning advice to guide you through your life stages. Financial advice for when you are looking to buy your first home, start a family or looking to retire. This blog aims to show the relevance of Superannuation, insurance and investment for everyday families.


More to insurance than price

Making the right comparisons

Often when people look at insurance they merely get quotes and compare premiums, and just go with the cheapest price. The problem with this is that it is often not comparing like with like.

Truth be known, there are about a dozen personal insurance companies, all of which are reputable and have different strengths and weaknesses. Most have an area where they excel in, whether that be a segment of the market for which they offer cheaper premiums or definitions that result in more claims being paid for certain conditions. Any good financial advisor will compare all insurers to find which product best suits your needs.

Written by: Alex McKenzie Categories: Future Financial Services Blog


Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Identifying Goals your would like to achieve

People have a perception of financial planning being for retirement, or simply as super and insurance. While these are all important components of financial planning, there are many more services your financial planner is able to offer.

As discussed in my earlier blogs your financial advisor is able to provide advice to guide you through your life events, many listed on our webpage.

Written by: Alex McKenzie Categories: Future Financial Services Blog

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