Thank God he was insured!

Are you Insured?

One of the first things we think about when we hear of someone we know having a car accident or being robbed or having some other misfortune is to hope that they were insured. We all hope that we never have to make a claim but when something goes wrong we’re glad that we were covered.

This week, one of my clients had a relatively minor accident that resulted in a shoulder injury. This shoulder injury ended up being more serious than he first thought.  Before he knew it, he was being sent to a specialist for a shoulder reconstruction and was set to be off work for 6-9 months! At the specialist, the news got much worse.  My client was told that he will never work in his occupation again. This was all caused from tripping in a small hole and falling awkwardly.

For a guy who had worked hard all his life this was tough news to take. It didn’t take too long for him to start thinking about how he was going to pay the bills. Thank God he was insured!

This client has been insured since 1978.  He has paid his premiums every month for the last 38 years, thankfully never previously needing to make a claim. The premiums that once seemed a waste are now the best money he ever spent.

The Client has income protection insurance, so he will start to receive regular monthly payments that will meet his living expenses whilst he is off work. Without the income, to use his words, he was “up a creek”.

If the specialist is right and he can’t work again, the client may also be entitled to a Total and Permanent disability payment. This will allow him to pay off his mortgage and other debts and provide for himself in his forced retirement.


I hate to think where my client would have been in 6 months’ time if he didn’t have insurance. He would have been in all sorts of financial trouble. Thank God he was insured!

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