Our Services

Future Financial Services provide advice to guide you through  your various life stages, Our broad area’s of Advice are:

Retirement Planning

Our approach to retirement planning focuses on the end goal of providing a consistent income stream from the capital you have accumulated throughout your working life. Our strategies aim to calculate the capital required, and develop strategies to use your income and assets to build the capital necessary to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. We aim to use strategies that are both Tax and Centrelink efficient to achieve this goal. 

Our  focus is to build your wealth in a tax effective manner to  maximise your long term net income stream.

The Retirement planning process involves:

  • Managing assets within appropriate tax structures including superannuation , family trusts and companies.
  • Strategies to ensure the proper protection of assets.
  • Provision of a blueprint illustrating wealth projection and asset longevity.
  • Development of an appropriate investment strategy which is inline with your investor profile.
  • Centrelink and other legislative considerations.

Wealth Creation

Building wealth is a common goal for all of us, whether it is to simply ensure your financial security or to fund a financial goal such as buying your first house or providing your children with the best education.

As your financial planner, we will provide expert advice on how to use your surplus income in an efficient and tax effective manner.

We will assist you in determining the right investment strategy for you,  consistent with your risk profile and recommend an asset allocation appropriate to your profile and financial goals.

Future Financial services are able to advise on a number of appropriate wealth creation strategies ranging from simple savings plans to more complex gearing strategies.

Future Financial Services will also help determine the appropriate investment vehicle and structure to meet your wealth creation goals.

Superannuation Advice

Superannuation advice focuses on efficiently accumulating wealth to provide for your retirement. We provide advice on  establishing suitable structures and vehicles to build wealth to provide you with income in retirement.

Future financial Services aim to develop strategies to maximize your Superannuation savings by taking advantage of the concessionally taxed environment and government incentives.

We are able to provide advice in relation to simple Super consolidation or a complex restructure of your superannuation where appropriate.

Our Superannuation Advice includes:

  • Investment of your portfolio
  • Structuring of personal insurances within concessionally taxed environment
  • Estate planning decisions
  • Salary Sacrifice strategies
  • Transition to retirement strategies 
  • Co-Contribution advice
  • Spouse Contributions
  • Employer and Self employment contribution advice 
  • Contribution limit advice
  • Building wealth with the goal of delivering a highly tax effective Income stream in retirement

Insurance Planning

The financial effects of death, disablement, a critical illness or loss of income through injury or illness can be catastrophic to a family. Insurance removes some of that potential hardship by transferring the financial risk to a 3rd party.

Insurance protection is also complex. In addition to determining the financial risks and the types and levels of insurance required, there is also ownership, taxation, and estate planning considerations to consider. Future Financial Service will guide you through this process and ensure you and your family are adequately protected.

Critically, our insurance researchers compare the various insurers in the industry not only on price, but also on the quality of policy definitions. In addition, we will review your insurance on an ongoing basis as the insurance landscape, and your personal circumstances, are constantly changing.

Area’s of insurance advice include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Total and permanent disability (TPD) 
  • Critical illness trauma cover, including survival of a stroke, cancer, heart attack etc 
  • Intergenerational insurance
  • Shareholder protection insurance:
  • Succession planning
  • Key person insurance 
  • Group salary continuance
  • These coverages are accessed from a broad range of leading personal and business insurance providers.

We naturally provide assistance in the event of a claim to ensure that any such claim is dealt with as smoothly and efficiently as possible.